“The average consumer is now literally bombarded with thousands of commercial impressions each day,” says Stibbs, “from the internet, billboards, radio, TV, newspapers etc. Your commercial message has one goal: to stand out from the crowd and get your company noticed so that you can sell your product or services to as many people possible. Period. That’s where I come in.”

As a writer/producer, Patrick Stibbs has written, produced over three thousand radio, commercials/campaigns over the past twenty years for clients all over the country, including Burger King, McDonald’s, Coca Cola, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, America West Airlines, and hundreds and hundreds of others!
Stibbs has won over 100 local, regional and national awards for his creative and offbeat marketing campaigns, including dozens of Omaha Radio Broadcasting Awards, three 2006 Nebraska Broadcasting Association Awards (including Best of Show), a 2004 NBC National Cable Ace television commercial award, a 2006 Omaha Federation of Advertising ‘Gold Addy’ award, and many more.

Patrick has helped hundreds and hundreds of clients achieve the maximum results through some of the most creative campaigns ever produced. His strict attention to the creative detail of the client’s commercial message assures the success of that message getting to the mind of the consumer!

As a screenwriter, Stibbs has written three feature scripts and three award winning short films, including Knock, Knock Who’s There? which he wrote, produced and directed for ABC Good Morning America’s 2004 Halloween film short festival. GMA film critic (and co-judge) Joel Siegel said of the film, “Most Hollywood horror-meisters have a tough time creating suspense, and they’ve got two hours; Patrick Stibbs does it in three minutes!” The film debuted at the Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum in conjunction with the network’s documentary on horror films sponsored by the Independent Film Channel, and aired on the ABC network in October, 2004. Stibbs’ second short, More Than Words, also placed in the top ten finalists for ABC/Good Morning America Valentine’s Day Film Festival in 2003.

Patrick’s first feature script, The Call, is currently in pre-production with Blackwater Entertainment, an L.A. based production company. His second screenplay, Ghost in the Graveyard, based on the popular children’s game, has been optioned to Tri Cor Pictures. He is currently developing the psychological thriller God Told Me as well as The Good Guys, the story of radio legend Steve Brown and the dawn of Top 40 radio and a biopic of former heavyweight champion and Olympic gold medalist Leon Spinks.

Earlier this year, Stibbs’ script Welcome Home was purchased by Meliji Films and is currently in production.